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Leo Messi has some nice things to say about Juventus striker Paulo Dybala

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

There are certain players that you just have to listen to when they say things. Gigi Buffon comes to mind as one of those players because of the fact he speaks nothing but truth. Same goes for Claudio Marchisio and some of the other veteran players on the Juventus roster.

But what about the best player on the planet? (No, sorry, it ain't Cristiano.)

Forget about his current tax status in Spain, Leo Messi is the best of the best. And, in an interview with Turin-based daily Tuttosport, the Argentine wonder has said a few things about a young Juventus striker who just so happens to be from the same country.

"Dybala is a great player. Paulo has a big future ahead of him. He will certainly be talked about a lot over the next few years. I can tell he is a player of real quality. Trust me on that."

(Source: Football Italia)

One Argentine supporting another. I'm down with that. Especially when you consider it won't be too long until Dybala will be playing alongside Messi in one former or another sooner rather than later.

As we came to know in the wonderfully executed 'La Joya' documentary on Dybala, the young striker's roots are just as much Polish as they are Argentinian. And even though he had a desire to play for Poland (alongside Greatest Striker Ever Right Now Robert Lewandowski) because of his past, playing for Argentina is obviously something that he's cherishing during the current international break (and certainly in the future, too).

And let's be honest here: If Leo Messi is giving his approval regarding Paulo Dybala's game, who's going to disagree with him? I'm pretty sure he's earned the right to have people believe what he says. (Outside of tax-related things, of course. I think we've established that already)