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Juventus announce Álvaro Morata suffered a bone bruise against Luxembourg

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

And now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. A big, big sigh of relief. Feels good, man, feels good.

Alvaro Morata has today returned from international duty and the Juventus medical staff has confirmed the diagnosis of their Spanish counterparts: a bruised right leg with no evidence of fractures.

The striker's condition will continue to be monitored over the coming days in order to assess the best course of action for his return to training.

That's what Juventus' official website told us right before Italy kicked off against Azerbaijan on Saturday night. And it serves as official confirmation that, unlike previously thought when he was first injured in Spain's win over Luxembourg on Friday night, there was nothing serious going on with Morata's health status.

Fear not, fellow Juventini, there's no broken bones, no months on the sideline, none of that. Instead, now we wait for Morata's status to be monitored over the next few days to see if he will be ready to go for next weekend's trip to the San Siro to face Inter in the Derby d'Italia. And seeing as how he's starting to really come on form-wise and develop rapport with fellow young gun striker Paulo Dybala, having Morata available coming out of the international break will be even more of a help to Juve's attempt to turn this season around.

Even if he does miss a game or two — and they will be two rather important ones — the positive injury news is a stark contrast to what we all originally thought might be the case. Consider this as a secondary case to what happened with Claudio Marchisio earlier this year. We all heard it was bad, then it turned out to be nothing much at all.

So if Morata turns out to be out a week or a couple of days, this is good news. As much as we've seen Juventus deal with injury after injury over the last three months, I guess we can say our favorite club deserves some good luck for a change. When you go from a potential broken leg to a bruise, I'd say that's a pretty rapid improvement. Good luck, please stay around for a little while longer, okay?