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Report: Galatasaray continue to stand firm on Wesley Sneijder's €20 million buyout clause

Burak Kara/Getty Images

So, we have Wesley Sneijder news. You can decide if you want to be happy about it or not. I will leave that one up to you. Why? Because that's just kind of person I am. A man of the people, if you will.

First, Sneijder's agent has said the player is "happy" in Turkey, thus making a deal that seemed like it was somewhat probable and putting it in more of a questionable state. And to further that point, we have the fact that Galatasaray are sticking to their guns and say that they won't let the former Inter midfielder go for one penny less than his current buyout clause.

Wesley Sneijder isn't leaving Istanbul any time, or at least not for less than what Galatasaray is asking for. The Turkish club is asking for 20 million euro, the Dutch player is now less likely to join Juventus as a result. This afternoon there was a meeting between Sneijder's agent and two Galatasaray directors, Abdurrahim Albarak and Ali Durust- at the end of the meeting the agen stated Sneijder wants to stay in Turkey. Galatasaray's fans had been very vocal in their desire to keep Sneijder and they will be happy with this development, another hint that the midfielder is staying is fact that he was used in the club's promotional material for upcoming home games.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Those damn matchday programs. They always gotta screw everything up, huh.

Should we be surprised that Galatasaray want the €20 million buyout clause matched — or have something pretty close to it offered — before they offload Sneijder? No, of course not. Regardless of what folks in the media say the club's financial standing may or may not be like, Galatasaray know they have a wanted commodity in Sneijder and will therefore try and get as much money as possible for him.

So we know where Galatasaray stand on this matter. And, apparently, the same goes for Juventus.

Can you imagine the kind of revolting that would happen if Juve did in fact end up paying that kind of money for Sneijder this month? It would be of epic proportions. Sneijder, at this stage of his career, won't be worth that kind of price tag. That's even before you consider that he's probably more of a short-term option at trequartista more than anything else.

But logic told us that after Xherdan Shaqiri made his move to Inter official, the options became fewer and that would push Juventus even closer to signing Sneijder. Now, who knows. It's a complete mystery — just like so much of the stuff that is thrown out there during the current transfer window period.

I'm not saying this deal is totally dead. But if Juve still want this thing to happen, they might need the defibrillator handy. This thing looks a lot less likely to happen than 24 hours about, that's for sure.