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Juventus miss out on Xherdan Shaqiri as the hunt for a trequartista continues

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

At least this is true about Juventus' activities on the transfer market as of late: When they reportedly fall out of contention for a certain player's signature, there isn't much of a wait to see where said person will actually be going. Bidding wars with multiple teams aren't Juventus' deal, and they never really have been under the watch of Beppe Marotta.

And they probably aren't going to start now.

This next sentence is also true: Xherdan Shaqiri was never going to be the perfect fit for what Juventus desperately needs in everybody's mind. Some thought he would help quite a bit, others were so-so about it, some were pretty much against the diminutive playmaker joining the bianconeri's ranks. There was no definitive answer as to how Shaqiri would either fit into the Juventus squad or help it at all.

But we don't have to worry about any of that now. Well, kinda-sorta not worry about it now. The only worry comes from the fact Juventus is still shopping for a trequartista. Shaqiri is coming to Italy, but just not to play for Juventus and rock bianconero. Rather, that nerazzurro team in Milan will be picking up the 23-year-old Swiss midfielder's services. The cost? That's still up in the air, but everything seems to be pointing toward an initial loan deal for the rest of this season and then a fixed option to buy in the summer.

By all accounts, Juventus' offer was nearly the same, but the only difference being the option to buy Shaqiri in the summertime wasn't forced, rather a Marotta special where the club could decline if they felt it was necessary to do so.

Yet Shaqiri, regardless of your opinion of him, was an obtainable target that Juventus didn't exactly come close to acquiring. Inter's offer was good, Liverpool reportedly offered straight cash in an attempt to bring him to the Premier League, and Juventus just brought an ordinary that Bayern Munich probably scoffed at when they saw it.

So what now?

It seems pretty obvious what Juventus will do — continue to try and sign Wesley Sneijder. That's despite the fact the Galatasaray higher-ups continue to say that the former Inter midfielder is happy in Turkey and won't leave the club unless his €20 million buyout claus is met. While I highly doubt that second part to be true — remember it's all about negotiating, kids — Sneijder continues to look like Juventus' No. 1 option when it comes to signing a trequartista this month.

Allegri clearly wants somebody like him. Whether it's because of his European experience (even though that won't matter with Sneijder being cup tied), the fact he's already familiar with Serie A or something that is completely different. But it's clear that Juventus will continue to pursue Sneijder as much as any other player — and probably more — this January.

That's just what the situation looks like from here. Juventus have been quiet when it comes to making reported bids or anything like that, but if Sneijder is the pick then something will happen sooner or later. We definitely know the rumors will continue to swirl no matter what happens, though. That's the only thing we know will happen.

It's just another twist in a January that will only continue to have plenty more.