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Juventus reportedly table a contract offer for Galatasray's Wesley Sneijder

Prepare your grains of salt, folks. Tuttosport has something transfer market-related for us all.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

It's been about 48 hours since the original word broke that Juventus may or may not be interested in signing Galatasaray's Wesley Sneijder to help aid their need for a trequartista. Now, we have another development in the chronicles of potential negotiations between Juventus and Galatasaray.

(Hopefully it doesn't involve a crazy snow storm and a subsequent crappy field during a crucial European contest.)

We know Sneijder is cup-tied thanks to Galatasaray's involvement in the Champions League this season and therefore won't be available for Juventus in Europe if he does sign during some point of the January transfer window.

We know that Sneijder, at the age of 30, probably isn't as the kind of player that helped Inter win the treble under Jose Mourinho during the 2009-10 season. That just seems like it's unrealistic at this point.

We know that while he probably won't be on the same kind of salary and contract as he currently is in Turkey, Sneijder's potential deal — close to what Tuttosport has said or otherwise — won't come cheaply to Juventus regardless of what kind of money is available right now.

And we know that Tuttosport is always going to be Tuttosport, so maybe when they mean "Juventus makes an offer to Wesley Sneijder" it may actually mean "Beppe Marotta tried to call Galatasaray and got their voicemail." Or maybe that's something a lot of us around here is hoping to happen.

But the next sentence is something that is also coming extremely apparent: Sneijder is becoming a legitimate transfer target these days. It's not just paper talk dominating things. And all the reports coming out over the last few days aren't exactly being contradicted by Max Allegri has said in the press or anything like that. While Bayern Munich continue to balk at letting Xherden Shaqiri, the option of signing Sneijder might be looking much more realistic.

That's just one line of thinking, though.

Don't shoot the messenger. I'm just here to post the transfer mumbo jumbo.