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Luca Marrone reportedly fails Córdoba medical, will return to Juventus

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Just when you thought Luca Marrone was gone, he's coming right on back to Turin.

(Not exactly the same punch as in Godfather III, but yeah.)

The former Juventus primavera standout won't be heading to Spain on loan. Everything was ready to go. An announcement set to be made, and then ... splat! Why? Well, let's take a look:

A done deal, a kit number selected and a head raised high to the next journey. It's all over now. Luca Marrone, midfielder owned by Juventus that seems nearly on his way to Cordoba, did not pass his medical with the Spanish club. Therefore, the transfer is off, with the player heading back to Turin tomorrow. His future seemed set, but now it's yet to be written: Marrone will return to Juventus.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

So a guy, who has battled injuries for a large portion of the past two seasons, wasn't able to pass his medical tests? I mean, I'd like to think it's a surprise, but it isn't really earth-shattering news that Marrone, who has yet to even play a game with Juve this season, didn't pass his medical with Córdoba. He's been a constant on the Juventus injury list. Even when it looked like he might get healthy and be an option for Max Allegri, he gets injured once more and misses even more time.

The guy just can't catch a break. Even when he's trying to find playing time elsewhere.