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Reports: Juventus looking to bring in on-loan Genoa midfielder Stefano Sturaro

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

When Juventus signed Genoa midfielder Stefano Sturaro this summer, there was a good number of people sitting back and going, "Who?" That's by no fault of his own, I guess. Sturaro had played a decent number of games with Genoa and that's about it. He isn't somebody like other Juventus-owned players that generate headlines by scoring goals and generally being awesome.

But could the young midfielder be making his way to the club that owns his contract?

If you believe what's coming out of Italy Friday night, it's becoming a possibility.

Juventus is looking for the right reinforcements for Allegri's squad and are considering anticipating the arrivals of Neto and Sturaro. [...] Bringing in Sturaro should be easier, Juve purchased the midfielder last summer only to leave him at Genoa, but he could head to Turin in January in next few weeks once Genoa's injury situation improves.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

There's also a bit in the Di Marzio link about Juve wanting to sign Neto, but we'll talk about that another time. The Sturaro development, also reported by Sport Mediaset on Thursday, can be looked at in a couple of different ways.

For one, there's the fact that Sturaro is getting crucial and continuous playing time at the tender age of 21 (he turns 22 years old in early March). And because of that, he is able to continue his development this season knowing that he will be in the lineup as long as he continues to play well. (Which, by the way, he's been doing.)

The other end of the equation that involves Sturaro putting on a Juventus jersey for the first time can be seen as Beepe Marotta and Co. looking to add depth to a squad that has been hit with injuries all over the place this season. But that also means, because Juventus' strength is its quality of midfielders, that Sturaro won't be playing nearly as much as he would if he stays with Genoa for the remainder of the 2014-15 season.

This is the dilemma Juventus finds itself in. As much as Juventus may want to bring him in now, maybe the best thing for the player himself is to leave him where he is right now for the rest of the season. But that's just me being a guy who''s thinking out loud about everything, so don't mind me.