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Reports: Juventus once again targeting Manchester City's Stevan Jovetic

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It wouldn't be a transfer window over the last few years without Juventus being linked with Stevan Jovetic, right? Well, luckily for all of us, there's another round of Juventus-going-after-Jovetic rumors swirling around the internet right now. Now doesn't that give all kind of wonderful ideas about what might be in store? Well...

According to both Tuesday morning's edition Gazzetta dello Sport and Gianluca Di Marzio late Monday night, Jovetic is once again being targeted by Juventus. But unlike what was the case in previous transfer windows, there's a catch to it all — it could either be for the current month of January, or it could be a move that is attempted over the summer. That's a rather wide net to case, especially when you consider we've been down this road so many of times before.

And not just down this road when inquiring about his services, but also the fact Juventus have already failed to sign Jovetic once in 2013. (Although, the No. 10 Juve acquired instead of Jovetic two summers ago has worked out pretty well, I'd say. I wish we could keep him around town longer.)

But it's safe to say that Jovetic's 18-month stint in England hasn't exactly been the best one. No even close, really. He's battled a handful of injuries just like he did during his days at Fiorentina. He's had to deal with limited and inconsistent playing time due to all of Manchester City's other talented players in front of him at striker. And, probably because he hasn't played much over the last season and a half — a grand total of 25 Premier League games in that span — his form hasn't been all that good at all.

So maybe it is pretty predictable that he's being linked with a move back to Italy as Juventus continues the search to spice up its attack. Not just because of where he came from before his £22 million move to City, but because it's where he has had his most success. On a consistent basis, too.

Almost as predictable is the fact that Juventus is being linked with Jovetic once again. Rinse and repeat. Not that I'm against it, of course. Maybe that's why. And thanks to Di Marzio, there's already the reportage being done that Juve want him on an initial loan deal (probably with an option to buy over the summer since of course there will be one it's Beppe Marotta we're talking about here).

That's becoming almost as certain as Jovetic-to-Juventus rumors. Ho hum.