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Juventus midfielder Arturo Vidal returned from international duty with a thigh injury

Mark Metcalfe

Looks like Giorgio Chiellini isn't the only player whose health status will be put under microscope in the coming days. Why's that? Because after going to the United States with the Chilean national team and playing 90 minutes in a friendly against Mexico, Arturo Vidal is hurt — and no, it's not that always-lingering and bothersome knee of his.

The details, courtesy of Juventus' official website:

Midfielder Arturo Vidal returned from international duty reporting muscular discomfort at the back of his right thigh. He sat out training today and tomorrow will undergo tests to assess his availability for the Bianconeri's upcoming fixtures.


And this whole time people were sweating about King Arturo being pictured with an ice pack on his knee after training one day. Now we have this muscular issue in his right thigh to worry about. So there's the knee, the thigh, I wonder what's next. (To be honest, I hope there's nothing else to worry about.)

Like the tidbit on the Juve website says, we are still waiting to see just how long Vidal will be out for if he's out at all. But you have to think that this will put his status for Saturday's game against Udinese into complete question. Same goes for Juventus' Champions League opener against Malmö three days later. The fixtures are about to stack up one after another in quick order, so even if he misses a week or so, he'll be out for a couple games at the very minimum.

Here's an idea: Maybe Juventus should take Arturo Vidal to the side and tell him to take the next international break off. I know he's not the kind of player to do so because he's a complete monster on the field, but it would be for his own good. All of this screams that Vidal is a guy who just needs to rest a few weeks.