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Define success for Juventus this season?

What would make you happy this year?

Christian Hofer

It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride for Juventus fans in the last couple of decades. In the early 90s, the era of the all-conquering AC Milan side, Juve played second fiddle to that team as they quietly built a dynasty of their own, culminating in the two Champions League finals. Since that time, apart from the 2002-03 final with the aforementioned Milan side, Juventus have not approached the heady heights of European glory.

In that duration, the Old Lady unfortunately had to plumb the depths of the Serie B before they endured the two years of seventh place finishes in the Serie A. It was only after Antonio Conte took over that Juventus finally regain its sole status as is Italy's football superpower. However, Conte's inability to take the club to the higher echelons in Europe possibly led to his leaving the club.

The Coppa Italia is another piece of silverware in Juventus' impressive trophy cabinet, but the last of nine trophies came way back in 1995, and they have since lost in three finals as well. While not very high on the list of priorities every season, fans still remain vested in the club's success in this tournament.

Despite the three straight campionati however, some Bianconeri fans still expressed dissatisfaction - Juve have been the big fish in the small pond of Serie A, but have not made any waves in the Champions League. So with that in mind, here is this week's question for you -

"I will judge this season successful if Juventus ________ ."

So let's hear your opinions, what do you need to see to call this season a successful one for Juventus under Massimiliano Allegri?