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UEFA Champions League Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Malmö


Dino Panato

In the two years Antonio Conte managed in the Champions League, there was a good number of things that needed to be improved upon. One of the biggest things, of course, was how Juventus did against the club that was looked upon to be the minnows in that year's respective group.

Well, even though there's no more Conte around, guess who Juve are beginning this season's Champions League group stage against? Yeah, those crazy minnows.

There won't be a trip to Denmark, so there's one positive. But Juventus open up the group stages against a team from one of the Danes' closest neighbors, Sweden. Luckily for us, tonight's Champions League opener against Malmö isn't in Scandinavia, rather at the friendly confines of Juventus Stadium and the 40,000-plus tifosi that will be supporting our beloved Old Lady.

The objective, of course, is to make sure Juve don't start this European campaign like the last one with a drab, disappointing draw while the Spanish giants in the group roll to an easy victory. Get the three points and there's a trip to the Spanish capital at the beginning of next month waiting for everybody to watch. Fun, ain't it?

So warm up those vocal chords of yours and prepare to sign in multiple languages in the span of three minutes. It's Champions League time, ladies and gentlemen. And that means we get to say "THE CHAMPIONS!!!!" and have absolutely no shame about it.

Starting lineups for both Juventus and Malmö will be posted right here when they become available. And let's just hope that the stupid curse of the Danish doesn't carry over to the Swedish champions. I really don't feel like getting that sneaking feeling where smashing my head against the wall is the only logical thing to do after 90 minutes of Juventus.


Juventus XI (3-5-2): Buffon; Cáceres, Bonucci, Chiellini; Lichtsteiner, Pogba, Marchisio, Asamoah, Evra; Llorente, Tévez

Juventus bench: Storari, Romulo, Ogbonna, Padoin, Coman, Giovinco, Morata

Malmö XI (3-5-2): Olsen; Helander, Halsti, E Johansson; Tinnerholm, Eriksson, Adu, Forsberg, Konate: Thelin, Rosenberg

Malmö bench: Azinovic, Hammar, Kroon, Cibicki, Nazari, Rakip, Mehmeti