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"Your Title Here" — Juventus news link dump for Sept. 15

An article for the readers, by the readers, written by us.

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Valerio Pennicino

It has always been this site's mission to provide you the best Juventus coverage available on the Internet. To that end, we are always on the lookout for ways of getting better and diversifying how we bring you Juventus-related information.

'Link dumps' are a quick way to get you the reader in touch with the world of Juve and any other breaking news. Danny has tried this route on the site before, with varying degrees of success. We're looking to resurrect this article, and need your input as well. You might as well go to Google and type 'Juventus' and read everything that pops up, but why not let us do the hard work and provide you with streamlined and customized content that is useful for you?

First of all, what are the kinds of links you would like to read on this site? We're getting into the meat-and-potatoes part of this year's schedule, so do you want to see more match previews and match reports? How about other information like injury updates?  Reports on Juve youth teams? Status of Juve loanees? And then the one everyone loves — transfer rumors? Of course, it's pretty easy to put just about any garbage on the interwebz, so tell us who you think are reliable sources, and who spews trash?

Secondly, what should we call this feature? Come up with something catchy, not just the traditional "Juve News" etc. Give us your ideas in the comments, feel free to dig deep into Juve's rich history for names of players, fan groups, locations, anything Juve-related really. We'll put the best suggestions up for a vote, and if yours is picked, you will forever become immortalized with your name associated with BWRAO's Juve news until time immemorial.

Until then, here's some Juve-related news to keep you sated until Danny has the Juve-Malmö preview ready.

Transfer News & Rumors

Atalanta's Argentine forward German Denis says he was approached to join Juventus during the transfer window, but chose to remain the big fish in the little pond of Atalanta instead. (Link)

Juve were interested in Spanish winger Keita Balde Diao, but Lazio turned down a €20m offer for the player. Liverpool had also bid for the Senegalese-origin player. (Link)

Sebastian Giovinco finds himself fifth in the pecking order with both Kingsley Coman and Alvaro Morata ahead of him. Arsenal and Tottenham are both interested in him for January. (Link)

Speaking of Coman, Arsenal had made a late £3.9m bid for his services during the summer transfer window, that Juve summarily rejected. (Link)

Arsenal seem to be watching Juve very closely, and might try to cut in on Juve's €15m buyback clause of Zaza. SInce the clause only kicks in at the end of the season, they will try to steal him in January. (Link)

Squad News

This has been simmering for some time, but Paul Pogba has confirmed that he is in talks with club chiefs about signing a contract extension. Of course, not even that will stop the transfer rumors. (Link)

Is 'The Massimiliano Allegri Injury Curse' past us? Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal and Andrea Barzagli are on-track for recovery, but will not play tomorrow, while Giorgio Chiellini is expected back. (Link)

Finally, here is Allegri's squad for tomorrow's game against Malmö — no surprises here really. (Link)