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Reports: Monaco striker Radamel Falcao set to join Manchester United on loan

Michael Regan

Radamel Falcao signing with Juventus — be it on loan or otherwise — was always going to be a long shot no matter what the Italian press wanted to feed us the last few weeks. The biggest reason, of course, was that the financial hit Juve would have take when signing the 28-year-old Colombian was something you know was much more than what the club even was thinking of spending on a striker this time of the summer.

So now, as we hear of rumors and a deluge of reports come in that Falcao is just a medical away from becoming an official Manchester United player, it's pretty easy to understand why Juventus might not have been so interested when Monaco threw out how much it would truly cost.

Instead, as Juve may or may not be looking for a striker on the transfer window's final day, one of the more wild Juventus-related transfer rumors is done and dusted.

The financials of the deal seem to be the kind of insane figures you'd expect from a player who was signed by billionaire tycoons from Monaco last summer. Nothing concrete has been established as of this post going live, but the rumored loan fee £6 million and £12 million with an additional £12 million being spent on net wages.

That's ... a lot of money — especially for somebody on loan. But hey, when you've got the money, might as well spend it. And United are certainly showing everybody in Europe they have plenty of money these days. Wins, however, still remain to be seen at this point.

I still can't help but laugh at what some people are pointing out regarding this whole sudden Falcao-to-United move: It's funny how a club that supposedly stressed over the health of Arturo Vidal's surgically-repaired knee will now be spending a boat load of money over the next 12 months for a player that had a much more serious knee injury just a few months earlier. I'm no doctor, but I definitely know it's not easy to come back from an ACL injury.

Maybe for that money Falcao can play defense, too. Or maybe they just plan on winning every match 5-4. We'll see.