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VOTD: Juventus president Andrea Agnelli talks marketing, the transfer market and the state of Italian football

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli doesn't do many interviews. That's not because he hates the media, it's just how he operates. He's a man who leads Juventus from the background, not trying to get all the attention he can get like some of the other club presidents we have the "pleasure" of seeing in Italy on a daily basis.

Basically, he's not riding around on scooters or firing coaches every other week.

With that being said, Agnelli is doing some interviews with Juventus now officially on the ground in Jakarta as they kick off their preseason tour through Indonesia, Asia and Australia.

A few highlights from the video above where Agnelli and his beard talks to Bloomberg:

  • The sheer awkwardness of how things got when the interviewer says Juve last won the Champions League in 2006, and then followed it up with what actually happened during that lovely summer eight (!!) years ago. If only Juventus actually had won the Champions League that season instead of being sent to Serie B...
    Agnelli basically takes out his buyers' receipt and reminds everybody that he got a couple of fellow Andreas, Pirlo and Barzagli, and Paul Pogba for the cool cost of €400,000.
  • Andrea Agnelli has zingers when it comes to Carlo Tavecchio.

But let's be serious for a second here...

It's nice to hear him say that the club is putting a lot of effort into stepping up the marketing of the club worldwide. And Agnelli's stance on how Italian football is behind the times isn't new. Any time he has the chance to remind the other clubs that Juventus Stadium is brand new and everybody else is playing in old venues, he goes ahead and does it. But behind it all, the point still remains — both in terms of marketing and overall quality of how things are being run.

I also find it interesting that in an almost 10-minute-long interview with the current president of Juventus, there was not one mention — or question, for that matter — to the Antonio Conte resignation that happened less than a month ago. I know we all have to move on from the Conte era, but he was rather important in getting Juve out of the doldrums to where they are three years after he was hired. Just thought I'd throw that out there.