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Report: Frederik Sorensen set to undergo medical at Leeds United on Tuesday

Giuseppe Bellini

So much for making a case that Frederik Sorensen should be on the Juventus roster this upcoming season. I guess we'll just have to think about who else Juventus can use as a reserve defender this year.

Why's that? Because Freddie is going elsewhere.

Danish defender Sorensen is in fact set to join Leeds, he'll take the medical tomorrow. Cellino's club will have the option to buy Sorensen from Juventus. Last season Sorensen played at Bologna and was close to joining Udinese in the deal for Pereyra, his future now appears to be in England.

(Source: GIanluca Di Marzio)

Seeing as Beppe Marotta said last week that Juventus are in the market for a defender, you have to wonder "Why not Freddie?" Take the financial details out of it, would Juventus really find somebody who can perform well in a three- or four-man backline like Sorensen can for as little as they will probably get for the loan-with-option-to-buy deal? Unless they find some kind of super smart deal that is completely under the radar right now, it's hard to point to the "yes" option.

Yet when you consider the financials of the deal, it's quite a paltry sum for the loan — and option to buy — that will be coming back in Juventus' favor. So, there's that.

But with Sorensen moving out on loan once more, it's pretty darn clear at this point in time that he isn't in Juventus' plans for the future no matter who the manager is. And that's rather unfortunate considering Sorensen is just 22 years old, a proven commodity in Serie A after two-plus years with Bologna and under complete control by the club already.