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Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Chievo

Mark Metcalfe

Today is the day we've been waiting for ever since Juventus' third straight title-winning season came to a close back in the middle of May. It's been nearly four and a half months since that day, one that included Gigi Buffon lifting the Scudetto trophy above his head and another wonderful parade.

Come about nine months from now, I'd like to have another one of those parades. They're pretty cool.

And today is the first step towards a fourth straight Scudetto bash and subsequent parade. (Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy Scudetto parades? They're so fun.)

Juventus vs. Chievo preview

Things are a little bit different compared to the last time Juventus were on the field. For one, there's no Antono Conte. That's somewhat important. Out goes Conte, the man who brought Juve back to prominence, and in comes Max Allegri, Yeah, that same Max Allegri who was cast aside by Milan in the middle of last season because they were playing like absolute garbage.

But it's safe to say this Juventus team is nowhere near that Milan team. And in a good kind of way, too. The question that will continue to hang over Juve's head this season will be if the club can overcome any kind of shortcomings that Allegri has as a manager. Today is the first step in either proving many of us right or wrong.

No pressure, right?

All Allegri has is keep Antonio Conte's train rolling right along.

Yeah, no pressure.

So here's to the 2014-15 season officially getting underway in a matter of moments, folks. This could be fun. This could be a nightmare. It could be an absolutely roller coast ride that will make us feel like we are all Ron Burgandy trapped in a phone booth. You never know at this point in time. After today, only 37 more league games to go!

Lineups will be posted RIGHT HERE when they become available. Rest easy, friends, Juventus games are back. For real this time, too, so say goodbye to the friendlies. And Simone Padoin's playing time, for that matter. Sorry to disappoint you all.


Juventus XI (3-5-2): Buffon; Cáceres, Bonucci, Ogbonna; Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Marchisio, Pogba, Asamoah; Coman, Tévez

Juventus bench: Storari, Rubinho, Romulo, Marrone, Evra, Padoin, Pepe, Pereyra, Mattiello, Giovinco, Llorente

Chievo XI (4-3-2-1): Bardi; Frey, Dainelli, Cesar, Biraghi; Izco, Mangani, Hetemaj; Schelotto, Birsa; Maxi Lopez