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Report: Juventus have made an offer for Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez

Of course they would. Of course.

Alex Livesey

If you are in the "Juventus should sign Xherdan Shaqiri because it makes a lot" camp, then maybe what I am about to post below isn't for you. So brace yourselves, folks, this might upset you members of #TeamShaqiri.

The agent of Chicharito Hernandez was in Milan today. He met Juventus, which are interested in the Mexican striker. The player is willing to move, there won't be any problem on the wages. Now Juventus have to convince Manchester United: they made the first step and presented an official offer. They want him on loan with option to buy. The answer is expected to arrive soon. Juventus negotiate to acquire Chicharito.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

Juventus want to add somebody to their attack. That is what we know and that is what the rumor mill will continue to tell us for as long as the transfer window will be open. There will be rumors flowing free and constantly until next week's deadline arrives and subsequently passes. That's just how things goes — and the Chicharito rumors, if Di Marzio is to be believed, aren't gonna go away with the snap of our fingers.

But when you think about it, the question to ask yourself is simple: What makes more sense for this Juventus team, signing Shaqiri or signing Hernandez? I know what my answer is, and I assume that it's what a lot of other people would say, too.

Juventus don't need another center forward. That's what Fernando Llorente is for, and that's also a role that Álvaro Morata will play whenever he comes back from injury in what looks to be the near future. Chicharito isn't the kind of versatile striker that Juve reportedly want. He's the kind of striker — and not as good for that matter — that Juve already have on their roster.

Shaqiri or Hernandez. Yeah, there's one option that makes a lot more sense than the other one.