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Juventus midfielder Andrea Pirlo in a race to be fully fit for Saturday's season opener against Chievo

Joosep Martinson

When the internet did the morning rounds of the Italian papers and other media outlets, there came the news that Juventus didn't exactly come out of the Trofeo TIM against Milan and Sassuolo unscathed like we pretty much all though. Damn those initial feelings of safety and security...

Sportmediaset report that the 35-year-old has suffered a knock in training this week and that it leaves him a doubt to start at the Bentegodi.

Officials will reportedly give Pirlo two-to-three days before assessing the condition of the injury, believed to be sustained to his knee.

(Source: Football Italia)

Turns out, that knock wasn't in training, but when Jeremy Menez tried to take a chunk out of Pirlo's knee in Saturday night's opening 45-minute game. But who needs to have an attention to detail, right?

Anyway, the part about Pirlo being evaluated over the next few days is true. We know this because Juventus' official website told us that Mr. Unimpressed is currently training away from the main group.

Andrea Pirlo trained separately after suffering bruising to his right thigh during Saturday evening's Trofeo TIM tournament. His fitness will be monitored over the coming days.

If this was, say, a week ago, then things would probably be totally fine and nobody would really be worried about it. But Juventus actually have something important happening on Saturday — their season opener against Chievo. Don't look now, but the Juve-Flying Donkeys matchup is in all of four days. Not exactly what you want to hear when somebody is trying to regain full fitness after suffering a minor injury over the weekend.

But that's currently the situation Pirlo finds himself in. Maybe Claudio Marchisio should start warming up his regista boots and prepare to fill in for Juventus' resident bearded maestro. Just a suggestion, though. I'd sure as hell like Marchisio as a regista more than Marchisio as a trequartista. Then again, I'd also like Andrea Pirlo 100 percent healthy.