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Report: Juventus contact Arsenal about striker Lukas Podolski

Matthew Lewis

Simple match tells us Juventus only have four natural strikers, one short of what the team almost always has available no matter who the manager is. Those guys — Carlos Tévez, Fernando Llorente, Sebastian Giovinco and the relatively newly-signed but currently-injured Álvaro Morata — almost certainly know where they fit into Max Allegri's puzzle by now.

But it seems as though Juventus are looking for another piece to add to said puzzle. You know, to get that magical number of out-and-out strikers from four to five. Simple math, you guys.

Juventus is trying to find the right fit at striker. The top choice on their wish list is German striker Lukas Podolski, the bianconeri have contacted Arsenal about the player born in 1984 to see if there are the conditions for a deal. Juventus likes Podolski's versatility, they could take substantial steps to add him to Allegri's roster. Juventus is trying to bring Podolski to Serie A.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

If it's versatility Juventus want, then we can probably rule out all those random reports of target men Juve may or may not be targeting and pretty much say that it is nothing but crazy talk. And if Podolski is in fact a legitimate target for Juventus before the summer transfer window is closed in a matter of days, then it's a pretty clear sign that Allegri wants to have even that much more tactical flexibility when the season begins.

From 3-5-2 to 4-3-3 to 4-3-2-1 to whatever the heck else he has in mind.

Podolski is reportedly available, if we are to believe what Bild had to say Friday. If that's the case, then Juventus making a phone call or two into Arsenal's offices. Too bad it's not for Alexis Sánchez, though. That'd be cool.