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Game Time Thread: Juventus senior squad vs. Juventus primavera

Joosep Martinson

In the grand scheme of things, Juventus playing in Villar Perosa is just a drive down the road compared to how far they've traveled the past couple of weeks during their preseason tour. Juventus have gone to Jakarta, Australia, Singapore and back again. So many miles, so many hours in the air, so many things to do and see.

But now they're home in Italy. And today means it's family time.

For 90 minutes Juve will play against its primavera squad. That same primavera squad that is managed by one Fabio Grosso, who shall always hold a place in our hearts for that beautiful goal and penalty kick within days of one another at the 2006 World Cup.

So, we're back from a few days off and starting to enter the final preparation stages before the 2014-15 season kicks off in just a matter of days in Verona against Chievo. Hopefully everybody enjoyed their time away from the field. It's almost time to get serious about the games on the schedule.

One last match that doesn't count on the record books. Be nice to the kids, guys. They're going to be gunning for ya.

Lineups will be posted RIGHT HERE when they become available. And here's a closing thought before we watch some Juventus on Juventus happenings: Try and count how many primavera players are taller than Sebastian Giovinco. It could be a fun game to play while Max Allegri is making all kinds of facial expressions on the sidelines of John Elkann is holding up his "No. 1 fan!" foam finger and accompanying sign.