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Report: Antonio Conte agrees to become Italian national team manager

Giuseppe Bellini

Just as he was turning 45 years old earlier this week, Antonio Conte was going fishin'. And as the link says, Conte wasn't exactly talking to the fishes. His words to the reports? "I'll be back soon."

Well, according to a report from La Repubblica coming out of Italy on Saturday, besides from getting a fish or two during his little birthday vacation, he's also hooked himself a new job. Antonio Conte, Italy manager? That's what we're talking about here. Conte

Well, it's not like he was in the poor house before he resigned last month. The guy was rewarded quite handsomely for leading Juve out of the dreaded Dark Ages. Maybe he can now afford to go to the market rather than catching the fish himself. (Joking. I kid, I kid.)

About 10 minutes after Conte stepped down as Juventus manager three weeks ago, his name was linked to the vacant Italy job. It's understandable as to why the Italian press would directly in that direction. Conte's Conte, for one, and ever since Cesare Prandelli resigned and subsequently went off to Turkey, the Azzurri have been looking for somebody to fill their still relatively new managerial void.

And why not try and hire the best coach not named Carlo Ancelotti that Italy has to offer at the moment who just so happens to be out of a job?

Maybe it's just a load of hooey and Conte will continue to go fishing whenever a special day arrives. Or maybe he will be on his way to sign a contract that has him donning a slick all-black suit once more. Only thing is that crest on the left side of the jacket might be Italy's and not that of Juventus. Ah, well.