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As Ezequiel Lavezzi's contract talks reportedly stall, should Juventus try and sign him?

Shaun Botterill

Let's just get the reason why we're here out of the way in quick order...

Ezequiel Lavezzi could soon be available on the transfer market. PSG and the agents of the Argentinian attacker met today to discuss the extension of the contract: they didn't reach an agreement, the parties are very distant. The negotiation for the renewal has been going on since May. At this point, since they can't reach an agreement, the agents are forced to work to find a solution, which could be the departure from PSG.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

In short, this is pretty much why we're here: Paris Saint-Germain's Ezequiel Lavezzi might be available in the very near future. The emphasis is, of course, on the "might" part of the equation at this point in time. We don't know for sure if the 29-year-old Argentine is actually be on his way out of the Parc des Princes because it's just media speculation, but it could happen before the summer transfer window ends in early September.

But for fun, let's say Lavezzi is available — which, as the last few days have gone on, seems more and more likely to be the case based on what is coming out of Italy.

Question: Should Juventus, who are still in need of some creativity in the final third of the field, go after Lavezzi and the high price — either with his salary or transfer fee or even both — that come along with him?

Why it's a good idea

  • Lavezzi is a good player, duh.
  • Signing Lavezzi would allow Juve to have a bonafide attacking player who is capable of playing wide to enable them to go with a 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree formation this season. Max Allegri may be still experimenting a bit with his tactics right now, but the acquisition of Lavezzi may as well shift the thinking of Juventus' new manager. Or, maybe a little more than the current roster is.
  • He would be a good short-term solution for this season before the youngsters with a bunch of promise — Kingsley Coman, Domenico Berardi, Manolo Gabbiadini — are truly to play at Juventus.

Why it's not a very good idea

  • Lavezzi is making a looooot of money at PSG because of course he is. What individual at PSG who sees even the average amount of playing time isn't making a lot of money these days? If he doesn't work out, it would be quite a financial hit — both in terms of a likely transfer fee and salary.
  • He's not young at all, turning 30 when the final month of the 2014-15 season rolls around in May.
  • If Juve do envision him as a short-term option, would he really accept a role that entails the serious possibility of diminished playing time in a year or two?

There's certainly more to it than that, but for now we'll just keep it simple. For every signal and reason for Juventus to try and sign Lavezzi, there's probably one that says they shouldn't. It's one of those moves that makes sense in for a good number of reasons, and doesn't in probably the same amount of ways.

It's by far a perfect signing. But when we hear about another report on Sunday of Juventus representatives supposedly being in France to scout players from PSG, it's possible that Lavezzi being a potential signing is becoming somewhat realistic. Maybe that's just optimism, I dunno. If this summer mercato has taught us anything — other than how to rage about on the internet, of course — it's that Juventus do have their eye on improving their attack despite the presence of Fernando Llorente and Carlos Tévez already being under contract.

So maybe, just maybe, Lavezzi is an option right now. With two weeks to go before the transfer window closes, there's still plenty of time to bring somebody in.