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Projecting Paul Pogba's 2014-15 season

Mark Metcalfe

At the tender age of 21, Paul Pogba has accomplished things that a good number of footballers won't achieve over the span of the entire careers. He's won individual awards, he's won league titles. He's already one of the most important players for both his club and his country. He's proven to be an overall badass on a Juventus team full of really, really good players.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

That's because it is. Pogba arrived for free two years ago and has taken just about all of Serie A and European football by storm. He is the eye of every club in Europe that has money falling out of their pockets like it's no big deal at all. Those rumored transfer fees? Yeah, they're absolutely insane to think about. The funny thing is, though, there's just as much talk about Pogba renewing his contract with Juventus these days as there is nonsensical stuff about a completely insane transfer fee coming over through Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici's fax machine.

That means we'll get to see more of this...


...for the next nine months and hopefully many more after that.

Even with the ebbs and flows of every season, Pogba will be here to dazzle with his impeccable individual skills. In his two years at Juventus, Pogba has gone from green 19-year-old prospect to a veteran of a multiple-title-winning squad at 21 years of age. He's matured in front of our eyes, honing both his skills and personality on the field.

Yet, when it comes to Pogba, there's just that added something that makes you think he's only going to continue to build of what he's done in a Juventus jersey. That's saying something considering what he's already done.

And let me repeat: He is 21 years old. How many players are the complete package at that age? Hell, how many players who have played in Italy over the last decade are as important to their teams as Pogba is to Juventus at his current age? The answer is a short one: Not very many.

Pogba isn't done developing. He's not a finished product despite what we've already seen from him. That means an even better season compared to last year where he scored seven goals and adds seven assists is totally possible, right? If you think he will continue progressing at his current rate, then it's definitely possible. And take into account the fact that new manager Max Allegri has stated he's thrown around the idea of Pogba possibly play in a more advanced role this season, then there's a distinct possibility the young Frenchman has an even better season in front of goal this year.

No matter what, though, Paul Pogba is going to Paul Pogba because he is Paul Pogba. And that means there will be plenty of tricks, flicks, bullet-like shots from 25 yards out, and everything else that comes with one of the best young talents in the world. You know, stuff like this. Just Pogba being Pogba, folks.

The best part? Paul Pogba is 21 years old and only getting better. Have I mentioned that already? Eh, screw it.


Games: 35

Starts: 33

Goals: 10

Assists: 7

gif-worthy moments: Yeah, you better believe it.