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Report: Juventus goalkeeper Marco Storari agrees to personal terms with Sassuolo

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The proposed merry-go-round is out in the open. And with that, the first step in putting the carousel in motion has reportedly happened.

Marco Storari could be getting closer and closer to ending his four-year tenure with Juventus after reports came out on Tuesday that the 37-year-old keeper has agreed to terms with Sassulo, who have been after Gigi Buffon's deputy the past week or two. And if the rumors are true and Storari does leave, it will set off what is believed to be a handful of goalkeepers going from one team to another before the transfer window comes to a close in a couple of weeks.

The details, courtesy of Gianluca Di Marzio:

Juve's current backup to Buffon has reached an agreement with Sassuolo on a 2 year deal with a combined salary of 1.6 million euro for both seasons. Juventus is willing to let him leave for free to give him an opportunity to start. But before the deal can be completed Juventus needs to find a replacement, and they have yet to identify the right profile.

The follow-up question is pretty obvious: Who's going to be the goalkeeper to take Storari's backup role if he does in fact head off to Sassuolo?

It sure has hell isn't going to be Rubinho, so we can rule that out right off the bat. (Sorry, closet Rubinho fans.) The name with the most steam behind it right now is Palermo's Stefano Sorrentino, who has been linked to Juventus in the past. There are a few other names being thrown out there — one of them beingMilan's Christian Abbiati, who has been a backup at Juve in the past — but Sorrentino would be one of the top choices considering availability and price.

We'll see, though. As the merry-go-round starts to fire up its motor, there's probably plenty of more updates to come.