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Are Juventus and Marco Storari set to become part of a proposed Italian goalkeeper merry-go-round?

Giuseppe Bellini

Over the course of these last few days, we've heard rumblings that Sassuolo, a club who has been known to do a piece of business or two with Juventus during the past 12 months, are interesting in signing goalkeeper Marco Storari before the summer transfer window close. Yeah, that same Marco Storari that has been a more than capable No. 2 keeper behind Gigi Buffon for the past four years.

Well, those Storari-Sassuolo rumors aren't going away.

And if we thought it was just a bunch of paper talk, one of the highest-ranking people at Sassuolo all but confirmed they wanted to sign Storari this summer.

Sassuolo's CEO Giovanni Carnevali spoke about the transfer market: "Storari? He's a goalkeeper that we like a lot, but buying him won't be easy. He's not the only option, but if there was the possibility of acquiring him we would be very happy."

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

The thing is, though, if Storari does end moving away from Turin, it could put into motion a total domino effect across Serie A when it comes to goalkeepers moving from one club to another. Just how much? Well, Di Marzio tells us what would happen — including at Juventus:

An Italian goalkeepers' carousel, involving Chievo Verona, Genoa, Palermo, Juventus. Puggioni, Bizzarri, Sorrentino and Storari are the protagonists. Palermo are very interested in Christian Puggioni, he could soon join the team. At that point, Chievo Verona would target Bizzarri. Sorrentino would leave, headed to Turin. If Juventus found an adequate replacement of Storari, the current no.12 would be free to join Sassuolo.

Of course, Juventus' involvement in all of this hinges on Storari's desire to stay with Juve or move to a club in Sassuolo where he surely would see more playing time this season than he has gotten in years. Storari, despite being one of the better goalkeepers in Serie A even before joining Juventus in the summer of 2010, has never given any indication that he's not happy with his current situation at Juventus. He seems happy to Buffon's backup — even if that comes with appearing a handful of times a year in the Coppa Italia and the occasional Serie A start.

I could be wrong, but that's just what it seems like from thousand of miles away.

This whole whirlwind exchange of goalkeepers could be true. This could all be a bunch of hooey. But it sure would be interesting to see just how