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Report: Hellas Verona now the favorite to sign Juventus defender Frederik Sorensen

In the latest edition of "As the World Around Freddie Sorensen Turns..."

Mario Carlini / Iguana Press

Just a few days after looking like he was set to spend the season in England, Juventus defender Frederik Sorensen is now a man back on the market. Maybe not the kind of market a 22-year-old fella in Italy would want, but this is the situation Sorensen currently finds himself in.

His proposed loan move to Leeds United is kaput. And because the move to England is off the table, Sorensen — who spent the last 2 1/2 seasons with Bologna on loan and then co-ownership — is still looking for a new club since his immediate future is clearly not in Turin with Juventus. Where could that be? Well, glad you asked...

The future of Frederick Sorensen looks destined to be still in Italy. His move to Leeds has almost definitively collapsed. [...] Therefore, Sorensen returns to being a coveted player in Italy. Hellas Verona have been pursuing him for a while. Genoa could make a move for him too, they need a defender. Hellas Verona are in the lead, they'll try to close the deal in the next days. The future of Sorensen is still uncertain.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

With all fairness to Leeds United, doesn't staying in Serie A sound like a much better career choice rather than spending one year at the very minimum in the Championship? I mean, just from a career path point of view, you know. Maybe Freddie wanted to go to England and get a nice payday to boot, maybe he wanted something else. There are probably only a few people who know the true answer to that.

But because of the breakdown during negotiations with Leeds, that ain't happenin', folks. And if Sorensen wants to keep the door open to potentially moving up the ladder in Italy or possibly abroad, then there's just one thing to do — keep doing what he's been doing during his time in Serie A.