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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus midfielder Fausto Rossi joins Cordoba CF on loan

Denis Doyle

Remember about five or six years ago when a then-teenaged Fausto Rossi was the darling of Juventus' youth system and had the attention of just about every one of the club's supporters? Well, come 2014, Rossi, now 23 years old, will be spending yet another season away from the club he grew up at.

And for the second consecutive year, he won't even be playing in Italy. So much for that...

Newly-promoted La Liga side Cordoba announced on Thursday they have acquired the former Juve youth team product on a season-long loan. For more details, we turn it over to the Cordoba website:

El Córdoba CF y la Juventus han llegado a un acuerdo para la cesión de Fausto Rossi (03/12/1990, Italia) para la próxima temporada. Además, la entidad blanquiverde se reserva una opción de compra para las próximas tres campañas.

Okay, maybe in English — with a little help from the staff over at

Fausto Rossi will keep playing in Spain: Cordoba have announced the acquisition of the Juventus midfielder. Here's the details: Rossi joins on a season-long loan, but Cordoba will an option to buy him until 2018. Fausto Rossi returns to La Liga.

This will be Rossi's second straight season in La Liga after spending the 2013-14 campaign on loan at Valladolid. Rossi played 31 games, starting 25 of those, but was unable to keep Valladolid out of the relegation zone. Easily one of his biggest moments came back in early March when he scored the lone goal in Valladolid's 1-0 win over Barcelona.

But just months after topping the mighty Barcelona, Rossi finds himself entering the season in the same kind of situation he was in 12 months earlier — on loan at a newly-promoted club in Spain that is hoping to spend at least a second season afloat in La Liga.

Good luck, kid.