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Romulo's proposed move to Juventus 'virtually a done deal'

Gabriele Maltinti

Romulo is as close as he can get to becoming a Juventus player.

That's the vibe sent out from both the player's agent, Alex Firminio, and the Italian press on Thursday. Don't believe me, look at what he had to say about Romulo's current transfer status:

"It is virtually a done deal with Juventus," Alex Firminio told Calcio News. "We are delighted and want to thank everyone at Verona for believing in him.

"Tomorrow I will arrive in Italy and we will sign. I've spoken to Romulo and he is really happy to have been given an opportunity like this at Juve."

(Source: Football Italia)

When somebody says something is 'virtually a done deal' or something along those lines, then I'm going to assume it's wrapped up and just waiting for the final bow atop the box and wrapping paper. We all know agents can say a lot of stupid crap, but this is a move that has basically been expected to be completed for over three days. It's just a formality at this point, guys and gals.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the final details are basically set with Romulo's agent on his way to Italy to put the finishing touches on the loan move for the Brazilian-born midfielder who was one of the last cuts made before Italy did stupid things at the World Cup. Di Marzio also notes that Juve want to wrap up the deal before they leave for their tour of Asia and Australia this weekend.

So if you see pictures of Romulo standing in front of the medical offices with a thumbs up picture, you will know it's a done deal and Juve have secured the services of yet another player on loan with an option to buy.