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Reports: Juventus and Real Madrid strike a deal for striker Álvaro Morata

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The reports of Álvaro Morata agreeing to personal terms with Juventus have been out there for weeks and weeks and weeks. There's no doubting Morata wants to have a future in Turin. And that means there's just one more thing that Juve actually have to do to make it a reality — negotiate some kind of transfer fee with the club that currently owns Morata, Real Madrid.

We've heard talks on loans with buyback clauses. We've heard huge transfer fee figures being thrown out. We've heard about the two clubs being on completely different pages when it comes to how much they think Morata is worth. You name it and it seems like it has been thrown out there during the past two months where Morata has clearly become one of Juventus' main summer transfer targets.

Could there be a resolution in the long-winded talks between Juventus and Madrid? According to Spanish daily AS and the Corriere dello Sport on Tuesday, there very well could be. Here's the short version of what one of what is being reported by both of the media outlets regarding the Morata situation...

However, according to Sky Italia's Gianluca Di Marzio, there's still work to be done — regardless of how close Juve are to signing the 21-year-old Morata, who scored nine goals in all competitions while almost exclusively coming off the bench for Real Madrid last season.

Juventus are very close to Morata. There are still few details that need to be settled, the negotiation isn't concluded yet. The Italian club aim at closing the deal for a €18M fee, inserting a €35M buy-back clause in favor of Real Madrid.

Like Di Marzio says, though, Juve are getting closer to acquiring Morata — and that's the important thing in all of this.

If this is something that means there's going to be some type resolution with all of the Morata-to-Juventus saga, then Juve will have brought in one of their top priorities this summer. They've chased Morata longer than anybody else they're reportedly interested in at the moment. And when you consider a Di Marzio report earlier in the day Tuesdaywhere Juve have their eyes on three more signings — Morata, Juan Iturbe and Patrice Evra, locking up the young Spaniards services will be a major deal checked off the list.

After everything we've heard the past two months regarding Morata-to-Juve, it's time to just make the thing official.