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Juventus 0 - Cesena 0: Initial reaction and random observations

Giuseppe Bellini

There wasn't much to Wednesday's friendly against Cesena, so I'm just gonna thought dump here. A little short-attention-span reading and writing for all of you after Juve's scoreless draw against their bianconeri brethren. What else would you want to hear about following such an exciting preseason friendly? Exactly!

(Hint: It wasn't very exciting at all.)

  • Who can I yell at from Nike regarding the design of putting yellow numbers on a white background on the back of Juventus' new home jerseys?  Seeing as this was two hours of relatively boring football, the only interesting thing we can talk about his how good or bad Juve's new jerseys look. So, discuss, people of the internet.

  • Max Allegri is clearly trying to look better than Juve's new (and final round of) Nike kits.
    (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

  • People will read into what happens in friendlies way too much a lot of the time, but here's to hoping Nicola Leali being Cesena's starting goalkeeper becomes a regular thing. I feel pretty safe in saying a full season's worth of starts in Serie A will go a long way for a young goalkeeper who doesn't even turn 22 years old until the middle of February.

  • New manager, same position for Luca Marrone in a 3-5-2 formation with Juventus. Marrone, who was a midfielder-turned-defender under Antonio Conte, was right back in the middle of Juve's three-man defense in the second half. Maybe it's a thing, maybe it's not. Maybe Marrone is in Allegri's plans, maybe he's going somewhere else next week. But the guy who was basically a vice-Leonardo Bonucci last season, Angelo Ogbonna, played Wednesday night — and it wasn't in the center of the defense.

  • Kingsley Coman is 18 years old. And some of the things he will do no matter how much or little he plays this season will be because he is still 18 years old. But Wednesday night was the first glimpse of Coman in a Juventus jersey, and it was the first chance to really see what he's all about outside of YouTube videos with questionable music accompanying it. You can see the skills are there and why so many other teams were interested in signing him away from Paris Saint-Germain. Just give the kid some time to hone everything he's got going for him. And watch him run really, really fast.

  • Along with Fernando Llorente, who played the second-most minutes against Cesena? Marco Motta, Juventus celebrity. He's just the gift that keeps on giving.

  • Stephan Lichtsteiner was yelling at the referee within 10 minutes of Wednesday's friendly. It's like he didn't play in the World Cup and had all of this anger built up. Welcome back, Stephan.

  • No injuries, no goals. You win some, you draw some. Onto the next one.