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Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Cesena

Valerio Pennicino

I know this is a friendly and this game won't count for very much of anything outside of forming an initial opinion of what Max Allegri's Juventus is like, but I have a question.

A little more than two years ago, Juventus played an away game at Cesena. Do you remember who scored the lone goal in Juve's 1-0 win over their bianconeri brethren? I'll give you a hint: The player who found the back of the net on the sunny afternoon in late April is no longer wearing a Juventus jersey.

I'll give you a moment to think.

(Drum roll, please.)

If you guessed Marco Borriello and his interesting mustache, then you're correct. It was a goal that not only sent Cesena down to Serie B, but also one that helped Juve maintain their lead atop Italy's top flight a few games before they ultimately won the first of three Scudetti under Antonio Conte.

Ah, how times have changed.

Conte's gone and Max Allegri is making faces on the Juventus sideline. Borriello's gone, off growing his mustache somewhere in Italy as he hears his name linked to a move away from Roma.

But Juve are back at the scene two-plus years later. Back in Cesena for a friendly against a team they will be facing in a game worth three points in a couple months. It's a friendly, yes, but also Juve's lone friendly against a team they will actually be playing during the Serie A campaign.

Woooooo, it's 3-5-2 time once again. Let the games begin!

Or the ones that don't actually count in the standings, that is.