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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus signs Udinese's Roberto Pereyra on loan with option to buy

A "loan with option to buy" signing? You don't say!

Giuseppe Bellini

In a world where Beppe Marotta is your club's director general, we know two things will happen. For one, he will do business with Udinese because it's an unwritten rule in the Transfer Book of Beppe. And two, he will sign somebody on loan with an option to buy this time next summer. Why? Because that's just how Beppe operates.

Or maybe because it's an easy change. New city, same uniforms! Hey, it's not that tough, guys!

This summer's addition to the Juventus-Udinese pipeline: Roberto Pereyra. After Juventus seemingly reigniting their interest in the 23-year-old Argentine over the past week, Pereyra put the finishing touches on his move to Juventus on Wednesday. Medical exams? Check. Signing a new contract? Check. A now-mandatory selfie with fans outside the doctor's office? Yeah, check that one off the list, too.

From Juventus' official website:

Juventus Football Club can today announce that Roberto Maximiliano Pereyra has completed a move to the club after terms were agreed with Udinese on a one-season loan deal for a fee of 1.5 million.

The agreement includes the option for Juventus to make the deal permanent at the end of the 2014/15 campaign for a price of 14 million, to be paid over the course of three years.

This fee could be increased by 1.5 million should Pereyra achieve certain predefined sporting targets by 30 June 2020.

There you go. Loan with an option to buy. That's just how Beppe roles, people.

Pereyra, who arrived in Italy in 2011 after Udinese signed him from River Plate, played in 36 games, starting 33 of those, for Francesco Guidolin last season. He's not a goal scorer — he only he two a season ago. But he led Udinese in assists in the 2013-14 campaign, dishing out a team-high six assists in league play.

Supplier more than scorer? We'll see. We do know the guy is versatile, that's for sure. When you line up at just about every position there is in the midfield, according to WhoScored, then you're capable of holding your own in a number of different spots on the field.

At least the loan-with-option-to-buy quota is filled for the summer. And with over a month to spare before the summer transfer window closes. So Beppe's got that going for him, which is ... I got nothin'.