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New Juventus striker Álvaro Morata ruled out 50 days with MCL tear in left knee

I agree, kid. I agree.
I agree, kid. I agree.
Denis Doyle

With the news of Álvaro Morata hurting his left knee during Monday afternoon's training session, it was just a matter of time before we found out how long Juventus' newest striker would be out for. Luckily for us, Morata didn't just sit around twiddling his thumbs waiting for his knee to get better. After a visit to the doctor Tuesday, we got official word on just how long we'll have to wait to see him on the field in a Juve jersey.

Yep, 50 days. Almost as long as it took to get the damn transfer done in the first place.

No more than 72 hours after securing his move to Turin and the three-time defending Italian champions, Álvaro Morata will have to miss the next seven to eight weeks due to a second-degree tear of his medial collateral ligament in his left knee. Months of waiting for the his transfer to Juve to come to fruition and then ... poof! So much for patience pays off. Poor Álvaro will have to wait just that much longer.

From Juventus' official website:

Alvaro Morata this morning underwent an MRI scan after being forced to depart yesterday afternoon's training session early due to injury.

The tests, carried out at Turin's Clinica Fornaca di Sessant, revealed a second grade tear of the medial collateral ligament in the striker's left knee.

He is estimated to return to action in 50 days.

Morata, who arrived from Real Madrid this past weekend for €20 million, will certainly miss Juve's season opener during the final weekend in August due to the diagnosis. Rough guesstimation puts his return date around the middle or late September, a little less than a month into the 2014-15 Serie A campaign. But the biggest thing is that he will miss all — yeah, ALL — of Juve's preseason training and friendlies the next five weeks. That's important no matter who's managing Juventus, but even more the truth considering Morata's current manager isn't the one he thought would be in charge just a week ago.

Even with the newfound injury, at least the kid can have a laugh about it all...

"For those who laugh at the misfortunes of others ... A very big kiss and good luck in life!"

Now go on a get healthy, Álvaro. Let's hope this is the only Instagram post about you being injured this season. We'll see you September. Lord knows Juventus will have some rather important games in the weeks following your return.