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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus sign Real Madrid's Álvaro Morata

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

As long as transfer rumors regarding the summer of 2014 have been around, so has the Álvaro Morata-to-Juventus talk. We've heard about buy-back clauses and transfer fees. We've heard about potential loan deals and the fact there's an expiring contract to deal with. We've heard about why or why not it's a good deal for both Real Madrid and Juventus.

Now we can talk about Morata officially being a Juventus player.

Morata has wrapped up his long-awaited deal to the three-time Serie A champions, taking his medical and putting pen to paper on his brand new five-year contract with Juventus on Saturday. The buy-back clause is there, all €30 million of it to be paid out in full if Real Madrid want it. But the main thing is what we've been waiting to happen for weeks — Morata is a Juventus player. Good, good, good.


Juventus Football Club can today announce that Alvaro Morata has signed a five-year contract with the club after a fee of € 20 million, to be paid over three years, was agreed with Real Madrid.

The deal includes the option for Real Madrid to reacquire the player's registration rights at the end of the 2015/16 or 2016/17 campaigns, at predetermined values, up to a maximum of €30 million. These values will be based on the number of matches played by Morata in the relevant season.

Ah, official word that Morata has indeed signed with Juventus at long last.

Flight to Italy that arrives late in the day Friday? Check. (Which, by the way, allowed Álvaro to show us he rocks jorts.)

Medical examinations in the always-questionably-looking fishnet tank? Check.

Signing a contract that will see Morata be a Juventus player next season? Check.

Introductory press conference and a brand new Juventus jersey? Check.

Months of rumors and reports are no more. Saturday brought us the real deal — the one thing a lot of us around here have been waiting for ever since Juve's interest in the 21-year-old Spaniard become concrete. And while we can squabble about the financial terms or the buy-back clause, it's not exactly like Juventus have had a lot of good news lately. This is a piece of good news.