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Roma beat Juventus to the punch, sign Hellas Verona's Juan Iturbe

Because, you know, the last day or so has been so great.

Dino Panato

Once Antonio Conte stepped aside, Juventus' transfer plans got thrown totally out of whack. Much in the same fashion of what Juve will be like in the immediate aftermath of Conte resigning as manager, the transfer market went from a rather certainty to a complete unknown. Instead of wrapping up a trio of deals,

One of those targets is officially on his way to a team that wasn't exactly in the picture when Conte was still employed by Juventus.

Juan Iturbe's sudden switch to Roma is now a done deal. The 21-year-old Argentinian playmaker has sealed his move to the Italian capital. The price? A cool €22 million at the very least. There's a chance that the price could go up to around €31 million considering performance bonuses and the fact that Roma also has to pay Iturbe's agent, who owns part of the player's rights, a nice chunk of change as well.

Regardless of the price, one thing is for certain: Juventus missed out — again — on one of their main transfer targets.

Juventus tried to wrap up a deal in recent weeks, holding a number of meetings with the Iturbe camp and Hellas Verona management to try and finish a deal to bring the player to Turin. But it was clear that Hellas Verona — and Iturbe's agent who owns a small stake in the player — wanted to suck as much cash out of the team they were going to sell Iturbe's services to this summer.

But the lack of closing the deal from Juve's end and Conte's resignation provided Roma with the perfect opportunity to come in and snatch Iturbe right from under the Old Lady's nose.  So while Roma add yet another talented youngster — albeit at a very, very high price — Juventus get Max Allegri and all of the stupid, stupid transfer rumors that come along with it.