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Multiple reports say that Juventus has hired Max Allegri as their new manager

Claudio Villa

In the wake of Antonio Conte stepping down as Juventus manager, it's clear the management wanted to find his replacement as quick and swift as possible. If that meant calling the first guy they knew would pick up the phone, then so be it. Maybe we should open up an investigation to see if that's really what happened. Check back here for more wonderful news in what has been an outstanding 24-hour period of time for our beloved Old Lady.

But as was the case when midnight hit Italy, the Max Allegri-to-Juventus boat just keeps gaining steam.

And the rumors haven't died down. Wednesday morning brought word that Allegri has agreed to a two-year contract with Juventus to become the manager who steps in for Antonio Conte. Potentially two years of Max Allegri as Juventus manager. TWO YEARS, YOU GUYS. That's one two-year contract this guy never thought Juventus would dish out.

Who's saying this is exactly the case? Examples in one...



I mean, I could keep doing this with Italian journalists saying Allegri has been hired as Juventus' new manager, but I'm pretty sure we all get the point by now. If only this were baseball and three strikes would mean that the Allegri-Juve rumors would be over and done with one swing of the bat (or Twitter post).

But it's not, and Allegri is set to be leading the non-World Cup participants in training in the very near future.

Who's ready for all the fun (lol) to begin?

For the record, my hand isn't being raised, so there's that.