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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus hires Max Allegri as manager

David Ramos

Forty-eight hours ago, we were looking at pictures of Antonio Conte arriving at Juventus' training ground in Vinovo. He walked towards the headquarters like you'd expect him to — rocking a tan after vacation, looking like a general badass. No signs of issues, no signs of anything other than Juve's manager reporting for duty at the beginning of the season.

Ah, how I miss that day.

There were issues. Some we can speculate on, some we might know in the near future. Regardles of what is true and what isn't, Conte is gone and with it comes the aftermath — a new manager chosen from a group of absolutely uninspiring candidates. The choice has been made. Juventus' next manager is Max Allegri. Yeah, that Max Allegri. What a wonderful 24 hours it's been.

And by 'wonderful,' I mean 'absolutely depressing.'

So, Situation Max is happening. This is not a drill. Max Allegri is about to be wearing a suit with a Juventus crest on it because he is their manager for the 2014-15 season. This is, well, something I never expected to type. He's here, ready to work. He's reportedly signed a two-year contract worth €2 million a season.

Yeah, no exactly exciting news — especially considering the man he's replacing.

Here's to the future, Max. Don't screw it up.