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Former AC Milan manager Max Allegri reportedly the frontrunner to replace Antonio Conte at Juventus

Claudio Villa

There are a lot of names being thrown out there right now as to who should or shouldn't be considered one of the choices to replace Antonio Conte at Juventus. That's just the nature of the beast, ladies and gentlemen. Some names will make sense, other names will at least make us somewhat interested.

According to Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus are already talking to one potential replacement for Conte. One minor problem with said name being thrown out there: One of those names that certainly falls into the "DO NOT WANT" category is reportedly one of the first people the Juventus management has contacted in the wake of Conte's departure.

There are many names on Juventus' list, but as for now the frontrunner is Max Allegri. There have been advanced talks with the former Milan coach, the management are making some evaluations to understand if he can truly be the right profile. Juventus ponder, they will make a decision shortly.


Oh. That's not exactly inspiring news, is it? Nope, not by a long shot. But, if Di Marzio is to be believed, Allegri's name is being taken seriously by the Juve management as a quick fix to their sudden managerial vacancy.

Quick, somebody ask Alessio Tacchinardi what he thinks of Allegri potentially being Conte's replacement.

Well then.

It's hard to really disagree with Alessio on this one, to be honest. What has Allegri done in his career that makes you think "Hey, here's the top choice to replace Antonio Conte!" He may be an option — and a very quick one to fill the void that Conte's sudden resignation has created — but he's certainly not the top option. Not by a mile. Next, please.