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Paul Pogba wins Young Player Award at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Jamie Squire

Paul Pogba might need a second trophy room in the next year or two the way he is racking up the hardware these days.

A year after being named the Player of the Tournament at the Under-20 World Cup, Pogba was honored yet again, this time at the big fellas' gathering in Brazil. Pogba was named the top young player at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, adding to an already impressive haul for the 21-year-old Juventus midfielder who is in the eye of every European giant in the game today.

Too bad, though. He's ours for now.

Pogba started four of France's five matches at the World Cup. His lone goal of the tournament was a big one — a 79th-minute header that won the game and allowed Les Blues to advance to the quarterfinals. He also won Man of the Match honors in the game, which came as a surprise to nobody in particular seeing as he was the goal-scoring hero.

You have to think that this is just the start of something big at the international level under Didier Deschamps, who himself knows something about being a damn good midfielder for both Juventus and the France national team.

Not bad, kid, not bad. Now go enjoy your rest and come back ready to go. I'm going to guess your role is going to be rather important this season. And, please, enjoy your vacation by not reading anything in the English press.