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Juventus, Real Madrid agree to a buy-back clause price tag for Álvaro Morata

Alex Grimm

So, remember how we sat here 24 hours ago and wondered what the heck it would take for Real Madrid and Juventus to finally agree to a buy-back clause for Álvaro Morata? As stupid as it may be to some of us, of course, it was the one hurdle in the ongoing negotiations that would see Morata go from Los Blancos to i bianconeri.

Well, according to reports out of both Spain and Italy on Thursday, said buy-back clause issue between Juventus and Real Madrid might be a thing of the past, allowing Morata to put the finishing touches on his move to Turin.

From AS:

The agreement between Madrid and Juventus for the transfer of Morata is effectively a done deal. The Italian club will shell out 18 million euros for the player, while Real will have a 35 million euros repurchase option for the next three years. The player will sign a four year deal with Juve, with an option of one additional season, and will bank around 2.2 million euros a year.

From Gianluca Di Marzio:

The complicated negotiation is on verge of being completed. Juventus will pay a €18M fee and they have reached agreement with the player. They also agreed with Real Madrid on the buy-back clause: €30M after the first year, €35M after the second year. It will expire after the third season, when Real will have a preemption on the player.

From me:

Yes. Good, good. Believe what those folks have to say.

The buy-back clause was the most dynamic and touchy negotiating point when it came to the Morata deal. Morata obviously agreed to personal terms with Juve fairly quickly this summer, which was a clear sign of what his desire was and where he wants to play next season. And once Juve and Real got close on transfer fee, it was only a matter of time before they essentially split the difference and got out of the way.

But the buy-back clause was still there, still lurking in the distance because it's the one unique thing to this deal that Juventus haven't really done in recent memory. Real Madrid wanted to try and bring him back on the cheap if they felt the need to, Juventus basically wanted the complete opposite of that.

As looks right now, though, Beppe Marotta and the rest of the Juve management not only got a much better transfer fee, but also a buy-back clause price that suited what they have been reportedly looking for all along. And that would be a fat stack of cash if Real Madrid do feel the need to bring Morata back in the next couple of years.