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Juventus, Real Madrid reportedly agree on €18 million fee for Álvaro Morata

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Tuesday brought us the news that Juventus and Real Madrid are, at long last, close to agreeing to a fee for striker Álvaro Morata. Wednesday brings us, well, more news about what said deal between the two clubs could look like when it's all said and done.

All of the negotiating for Morata isn't done quite yet, but we're getting there, folks.

To the internet machine where news is posted as it happens!

Morata is very close to Juventus. The negotiation is progressing quickly. Morata's Italian representative Bozzo returned in Italy. Juventus and Real Madrid have reached agreement on the fee: €18 plus add-ons, payable in four-year installments. They still have to negotiate on the buy-back clause: Real Madrid want to set it at €25M, Juventus at €36M. There is still a €10M gap. Another step to close the deal is Morata's renewal with Real Madrid: his contract expires in 2015 and he wants to extend it in case Real Madrid buys him back.

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

This comes off the back of reports by both AS and the Corriere dello Sport late Tuesday that Juventus and Real Madrid had agreed to a fee in the €22 million range. A fair price? Too much for Morata? That's all to be discussed when the official announcement comes through the email inbox and posted on Juventus' website.

But the €18 million price tag that is being thrown out there Wednesday does seem like it's much more in the Juventus kind of price range compared to the €22 million being thrown out 24 hours ago. Remember, Juventus' first reported bid for Morata was in the €12 million range.

Much like all throughout the negotiations for Morata, the sticking point is the buy-back clause that Real Madrid clearly want to have included in the deal. Sounds like a bunch of fun, doesn't it? If only we could be a fly on that wall when Juve and Real are discussing buy-back options.