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Report: Manchester United told by Juventus that Arturo Vidal would cost 'more than £45 million'

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Arturo Vidal transfer rumors are stupid. At least from those of us who root for Juventus. The problem is, though, they're not going to be disappearing anytime soon. Not even if Vidal signed a lifetime contract with Juventus worth a a sum of money that he could basically get by filling in a blank check every month.

So when you see something like what appeared on ESPN FC on Monday afternoon, you figure it's just another one of those crazy Vidal stories that will disappear in due time. Or at least that's what we're all hoping for.

Juventus have told Manchester United that they will need to bid over 45 million pounds if the Premier League side are to sign Arturo Vidal, sources have told ESPN FC.


Sources state United have picked up their interest in the player over the past few weeks, and Vidal himself is understood to be open to the idea. Arsenal are also seen to be in the running.

Juventus, however, remain unwilling to sell their star player, while any negotiations are likely to be complicated as it will take an offer of over 45 million pounds to even make the Italian side consider the possibility.

Vidal would represent a huge coup for United, given that he would be both the "marquee name" that the hierarchy crave, but also see a key position filled.

To what extent Vidal is 'open to the idea' to a move is a pretty important factor in Man United's chase to obtain the Juventus midfielder this summer. Based on the fact that Vidal has committed his future to Juventus with a new contract mere months ago, it's hard to say — and believe, for that matter — that Vidal is suddenly not into the idea of being in Turin long term.

And only to add on to that, Beppe Marotta has been amendment about not selling any of the club's star players that have garnered a lot of interest from other clubs. It doesn't matter what the cost may be, Marotta wants what pretty much every Juve supporter wants — the core to be retained.

Translation: Vidal and Paul Pogba aren't on the market this summer.

For all we know, at least.

You never know, though. This might be part of new United manager Louis Van Gaal's dirty little FIFA14 dream team where he tries to spend as much money as humanly possible. We've already seen them spend stacks and stacks of cash on two players — midfielder Ander Herrera and defender Luke Shaw — so there's no doubting the money is flowing quite freely in Manchester right now.