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World Cup Player Profile: Paul Pogba

With the World Cup now a matter of days away, we profile the Juventus players who will feature in Brazil.

Harry Engels

Whenever the World Cup rolls around, there always seems to be a young player who makes a name for himself and subsequently becomes the eye of every big club in Europe. When it comes to Paul Pogba, he hasn't had to wait for after the 2014 edition of the World Cup to happen. The hype has already arrived.

And based on his two years at Juventus, Pogba hasn't done anything to not deserve all the praise and attention he is currently getting in the buildup to the tournament in Brazil.

Pogba's two-year run at Juventus has been nothing short of phenomenal. It's almost like saying he burst onto the scene is some kind of understatement. He has gone from youngster with a boat load of talent to one of the most important players in the squad right before our eyes. He's got it all, seemingly a total package at the tender age of 21. And the best part of it all? He's only getting better.

That's why he's getting so much attention heading into the World Cup. And rightfully so. There might not be a player at his age who has worn a Juventus jersey that has accomplished so much in recent memory. Pogba might be dubbed 'The Future,' but he's also the present. The best part is? He wears black and white eight or nine months out of the year.

Caps: 11, Goals: 2
Group E

Paul Pogba

Service for France: Not much, but just like with Juventus, that doesn't mean he hasn't made an impact. Pogba enters the World Cup with only 10 senior team caps to his name. But just because of his relative inexperience at the top international level, that doesn't mean he hasn't accomplished a lot already. Pogba was named the best player of the 2013 Under-20 World Cup that Frane won against Uruguay on penalties. He made his senior team debut a few months prior in March after when former Juventus manager and current France boss Didier Deschamps called him for a 2014 World Cup qualifier against Georgia. Since then, Pogba hasn't left the squad. And don't expect him to any time soon.

What makes him interesting: There are a lot of things that make Paul Labile Pogba one of the most intriguing and interesting players heading into the 2014 World Cup. Take the following gif as an example.


Yep. And as we found it, that goal was thanks to a bad first touch after the pass from Arturo Vidal. But goals like that definitely make Pogba one of the most interesting players at this summer's World Cup. And it's not just the highlight-reel goals that make him one of the players to watch in Brazil. It's Paul Pogba's world and we're just living in it.

What to expect in Brazil: For Pogba, it's just another platform to show why he's one of the best young players in the world right now. For Juventus fans, it's just another chance to laugh at Manchester United for letting Pogba go on a free transfer. Maybe the first one means more than the second one, but who am to dictate things, you know? With all the attention he is getting leading up to the World Cup, the spotlight is going to be on the 21-year-old Pogba whenever France takes the field.

But as we've come to learn about him, just because there's a ton of attention being thrown his way, he's more than capable of handling it. Pogba will be looked up to be one of Les Bleus' leaders in France even though this is his first major tournament at the senior level — and that was even before Franck Ribery was ruled out due to injury. Now with Ribery out, Pogba will be counted on only that much more. But if the past two years have taught us anything, it's that Pogba is worthy of the challenge. He isn't your average 21-year-old footballer. That's for sure.