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Martín Cáceres, Uruguay survive second-half scare to beat England 2-1

Richard Heathcote

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

I feel like Martín Cáceres was in the locker room and giving Luis Suarez a giant hug after Uruguay's 2-1 win over England on Thursday. Not just because Suarez scored both of Uruguay's goals against England, but because the Liverpool striker's absolute blast to beat Joe Hart in the final minutes of the Group D matchup took Cáceres and the rest of the defense off the hook.

The reason as to why Cáceres would hug Suarez outside of being a generally friendly high-socked fellow is rather simple.

Caceres was partly at fault for England's lone goal, watching Wayne Rooney blow right on past Mr. High Socks himself and score his first ever goal in the World Cup. But he was lucky enough to not have it cost his team three points.

That's mainly because of Suarez's brilliance. Seems like there's something about guys having recent knee surgeries doing well in the 2014 World Cup. Who needs rehab time anyways?

But back to Martín and his baggy shorts and high socks.

Cáceres wasn't very good against England on Thursday. To be fair, he wasn't terrible, either. It was just a 'meh' kind of game for Cáceres, who ended the season so well for Juventus. He didn't contribute much to Uruguay's attack as well. His 61 percent pass success rate has to be one of his worst for either club or country in recent memory. Maybe some of it had to do with him going from left back to right back -- the first time he played there in months upon months. Who knows.

Regardless of the overall performance from a personal standpoint for Cáceres, the thing that matters most to Uruguay is that they still have a good chance of getting to the knockout round if things go according to plan on Friday with Italy and Costa Rica.

And a lot of it is thanks to the man in the picture right below this paragraph.

Rumor has it that guy is pretty good. Can't wait until he's linked to a move away from Anfield. Oh, never mind.