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Juventus reportedly make first official bid for Real Madrid's Álvaro Morata

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

Earlier on Wednesday, there was something rather interesting pop up on the internet regarding Álvaro Morata, somebody who Juventus has a good amount of interest in if you believe some of the things out there.

Juventus have reportedly made a formal €12m offer to Real Madrid for Alvaro Morata.

The Bianconeri have long been linked with Morata, who is struggling for regular playing time at the Bernabeu.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Juve have sent an official message to Real Madrid containing a proposal worth €12m.

However, other reports suggest Wolfsburg have already put forward their own €20m bid for the 21-year-old striker.

(Source: Football Italia)

The Sky Sport Italia report, courtesy of Gianluca Di Marzio, also had this rather important factoid regarding the matter:

At the moment there is a wide big between Real Madrid's request of 30 million, with a buy back option, and what Juventus is offering. Juventus is interested in Morata, but it won't be an easy negotiation.

So, in short, this is basically what is reportedly happening as now the last 24 hours or so.

  1. Juventus are still trying to sign Álvaro Morata.

  2. Morata obviously is not the only player Juventus are thinking of signing right now. Or even trying to sign considering they've reportedly tabled an offer in Real Madrid's direction.

  3. Said reported offer Juve threw out there at Madrid was €12 million.

  4. Real Madrid likely saw said offer, laughed and slapped their knees at the same time, then said "Aw hell no. We want €30 million for Mr. Morata, thank you very much."

  5. lol €18 million difference between the two clubs

I'm sure that's how it went down, so there's no need to question it. It's been long-rumored that Antonio Conte is a fan of Morata and would like to bring him to Turin this summer. But Conte is also a fan of players like Domenico Berardi, so he's not exclusively going all in when asking for young attacking players.

And then you see the €12 million offer from Juve and the €30 million demand from Madrid and wonder "What the hell is up with all this?" At least I do. If this is what Real Madrid want right off the bat, it will be interesting to see if they even come close to lowering their demands any kind of realistic amount.

At least Juve have options at this point.