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Kwadwo Asamoah shines at left back, but Ghana loses to the United States

Kevin C. Cox

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

For outside of about 34 seconds, Kwadwo Asamoah and Ghana were forced to fight from behind. That's what happens when you allow Clint Dempsey to slice his way through the right side of your defense and score a goal in the first minute of a match.

But the early goal didn't demoralize Ghana like it might for some teams. The only good thing about giving up a goal so early in the game was that Ghana had nearly 90 minutes to try and get the equalizer. They got that, but then let the chance to get a point out of yet another thrilling World Cup match in Brazil.

Because this is a Juventus-first establishment, Ghana's loss can be a Kwadwo Asamoah discussion as well.

The left wing was wide open for Asamoah — who had 78 touches and 91-percent pass success, according to WhoScored — from nearly start to finish. He definitely took advantage of it. That is, when his fellow Ghana players figured out that the left wing existed. But when they did, the ball was definitely going through Asamoah a good portion of the time.

Take Ghana's goal. Asamoah won't get credited for an assistant, but it was his pass to another Asamoah — Asamoah Gyan — that got the ball rolling for the goal to happen. It was a number of chances Asamoah played a major part in during the second half, which was clearly better for him personally than the first 45 minutes where he looked a little bit timid on the attacking end of things.

But who knows how much that had to do with him feeling a little hesitant because of where he was playing.

There are those who will still feel Asamoah should have played in the midfield rather than starting at left back. And to be honest, they've got a point. It doesn't happen often that a manager purposely takes his arguably best player out of his best and natural position to put him in defense. But that what Ghana manager James Appiah went with. And in terms of end product for Asamoah himself was being one of Ghana's best players against the USA.

The team, however, not so much.

The biggest thing with Ghana losing to the U.S.? Their stay in Brazil seems like it's destined to come to an end in a rather short amount of time. Ghana's next game? Germany. Oof. They're going to need a whole lot of help to get out of the group. So catch Kwadwo while you can, I guess.