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2014 FIFA World Cup: Brazil vs. Croatia Game Time Thread

Buda Mendes

Well, here we are. The day that we've been counting down to for weeks and weeks, months and months has finally arrived.

It's World Cup day, ladies and gents. Hooray, hooray. Let us celebrate with a customary samba or something. Or maybe we can just do what a lot of us will be doing today — pop ourselves in front of the television, grab some food, possibly a beverage, and enjoy ourselves some futbol.

That seems like a good idea.

Today's opener between Brazil and Croatia is the first game in what will be a month straight of wonderful international football. At least that's the hope, right? I mean, the last time we all gathered to watch a World Cup four years ago, things went pretty well — minus that whole Italy playing like crap thing — so why would we expect anything different?

Four years of waiting, planning, hoping begins today. That's the general message of all this.

And what better way than to begin things with one of the squads, Brazil, that is being tipped to win the whole darn thing? It  could be worse, I guess.

Okay, maybe we should samba since we're all going to be totally unproductive for the next month. Sorry, employers, there's a World Cup to watch and talk about.


Group A: Brazil vs. Croatia, kickoff at 5 P.M. local time, 4 P.M. on the East Coast, 1 P.M. on the West Coast