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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus, Andrea Pirlo agree to contract extension through 2016

Gabriele Maltinti

It seems as though we've heard of Andrea Pirlo contract renewal rumors for months on end. It's a lot like the Arturo Vidal "When the hell will he sign his deal?" kind of situation, except it's lagged on a few more weeks — or months — than a lot of us would have liked. Report after report have surfaced about when Pirlo would sign his new contract.

Wait no more, boys and girls.

Pirlo is signed to a new deal. And now we can exhale. Time to finally stop wondering when the heck Pirlo was going to sign a new deal and have Juventus announce it.

The man who sports the best beard in all the land agreed to a new, shiny two-year contract that will see him stay in a Juventus uniform until the end of the 2015-16 season. Two more years of Pirlo dropping pinpoint passes over the top of the opposing defense to Stephan Lichtsteiner. Two more years of, well, Pirlo being Pirlo.

Here's what the official announcement from Juventus has to say:

The incredible story of Andrea Pirlo and Juventus is set to continue.

The Professor has renewed his contract with the club, meaning that he will keep wearing the black and white jersey until 30 June 2016.

Done deal. Let us rejoice.

(Why yes, I did choose a recently-created Pirlo video with questionable music. It's tradition, right?)

Pirlo is Pirlo and will always be Pirlo. And with the long-awaited announcement that Pirlo has extended his stay in Turin a couple more years, it's almost a certainty that Pirlo will finish his career in bianconero. He's 35 years old now as Italy enter the World Cup, he'll be 37 by the time the contract is up. That's plenty of time to write a lot more history with Juventus. And a lot more time to go around Europe showing off his magnificent beard.

You can decide which is more important. But here's Priority No. 1: Pirlo has his new contract in hand and all the talk about "When will Pirlo sign his new contract?" can finally come to an end. What a good start to the day.

Now just look at the pretty picture and be happy he'll be around a little longer.