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Mino Raiola says Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba isn't going anywhere this summer

But we'll still hear about a €70 million to PSG by the weekend...

Valerio Pennicino

Paul Pogba transfer rumors are stupid.

There, I said it. And in a couple hundred less words than in the post linked in the previous paragraph to boot, too. But, with that being said, I have a feeling that if you root for Juventus, you feel the same way.

But in the last few months, hearing a rumor about Pogba leaving has been just as frequent as changing our underpants. No, really. Tell me a day where there hasn't been something silly mentioned in any one of the European sports pages that involves Pogba, a transfer to another team, and an absolutely insane transfer fee attached to it.

So when we read something like this....

"I already met with (Juve director) Marotta and we'll meet again soon to discuss the contractual renewal. There is no rush, Pogba is happy at Juve and he wants to remain in Torino for a long time. It's clear that for a strong player like him it's easy that there is a market but at the moment there isn't this intention. There isn't a dialogue with PSG or other teams: I repeat, we'll meet soon to extend the eventual contract. I don't understand for what reason you in Italy continue to tie Pogba to teams others that Juve: he'll stay at Juve where he is very happy."

(Source: Gianluca Di Marzio)

...we feel like doing a happy dance all throughout the neighborhood.

Those are the words of Pogba's agent, the pretty well-known Mino Raiola. The words come at a time where Pogba's future wasn't completely in doubt, but wasn't 100 percent certain, either. I mean, when you're hearing some of these wild prices that certain clubs might throw out there for Pogba's services, you never really know what might be going through Beppe Marotta's head.

But for now, Pogba is staying right where he is. And soon, there will be more reasons to dance because Pogba will sign a contract extension that will give him a nice little boost in his bank account and keep our sanity in check.

So, until then and Pogba's goes on the dotted line, let's just enjoy the kid for what he is — a damn good footballer who is just 21 years of age (!!) and only getting better. I know I will.


Bang, bang.