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Juventus' Arturo Vidal successful undergoes knee surgery, will be out around four weeks

Marco Luzzani

The news of Arturo Vidal needing knee surgery wasn't all that much of surprise. He's had the same annoying knee problem for weeks, the Italian press had brought up going under the knife could be a chance while Juventus were still involved in the Europa League — which was, you know, not too long ago. (Sorry to bring that up.)

So when Juve announced that one of the best midfielders in the world was in need of knee surgery, it was a hit, but not even close to being a shock. Unfortunate because we all love Vidal and want him to be healthy, but not surprising whatsoever.

On Wednesday in Barcelona, Vidal underwent said knee surgery. And in the hours since being operated on, Vidal has likely made his way back to Italy where he will begin rehab in Turin for the next few weeks.

From Juventus' official website:

Arturo Vidal this morning underwent a partial lateral meniscectomy operation on his right knee in Barcelona.

The surgery was carried out by Dr. Ramon Cugat, in the presence of medical staff from Juventus and the Chilean national team.

The midfielder will be discharged tomorrow and return to Turin for the continuation of his rehabilitation programme.

The question everybody is throwing out now: Will Vidal be ready for the World Cup?

Basically every report before the official announcement Vidal went under the knife said that the 26-year-old Chilean would be ready to roll when his country opened up against Australia on June 13 in Cuiabá, Brazil. Now, those same folks are probably wondering if Vidal will be good to go when the group stage arrives.

And yet, there's also this the Chilean National Team's doctor:

I'll believe the doctor, thank you very much.

Either way, leave it to Vidal to have massive smile on his face mere minutes after undergoing surgery.

Gosh, I like that guy. And maybe, just maybe, he put in a good word for that other talented footballer in the picture. (Hi, Alexis. Please come to Turin. K, thanks.)